Pepper with Mercury Company Short
Pepper with Mercury Company Short
Amethyst with Orchid Chop Short
Granite with Granite Chop Short
Aqua with Black/Aqua Sideline Short
Aqua with Black/Aqua Sideline Short
Black with Fluid Pant

Impulse Top

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Bold and impulsive.
A true chameleon with fully adjustable back straps that conform to your activity, your mood or your outfit, at your whim. Made in both TruFit and DreamFit fabrics, this basic designer top is big on features including a V shaped neckline and thin back support straps designed to fade away into a completely exposed back, for a totally minimal approach. Incredible fit with stand out good looks and styling.

• Full adjustability for ultimate freedom
• Sliding back straps for customizing fit
• Wear it open or closed
• Stunning wide open back
• Purposely minimal design
• Open V-shaped neckline
• High performance fabrics
• Moisture-wicking keeps you dry & moving longer

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Size Bust Waist Hips Girth Inseam
XS 30-32 23-25 31-34 51-54 30-32
S 30-33 23-26 33-35 54-57 33-35
M 34-37 25-28 35-38 57-60 33-35
L 37-41 28-32 38-42 61-64 34-36
XL 41-43 32-35 42-45 64-67 35-37
Size Bust Waist Hips Girth Inseam
YS 22-24 20-21 23-25 40-43 27-28
YM 25-27 21-23 26-28 44-48 29-30
YL 26-29 23-25 29-31 49-52 30-32
Size Bust Waist Hips Girth Inseam
K6 21-22 18-19 21-23 39-40 19-20

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