Our Core Values: Fit & Quality

At Ktrna, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, originality and our unrivaled fit. It’s at our core as a dancewear company. We strive to produce the highest quality products with the highest performance fabrics in order to keep our athletes dancing, running, pushing and moving longer by keeping them drier, more comfortable and ? that their gear will stand up to the abuse they place on it. 

but so many others produce dancewear without the dancer in mind. Ktrna is a dance brand that puts dancer first and foremost when producing our products

Dance is demanding and dancers need durable work clothes they can count on to keep them performing their best regardless of the style, teacher or . 

No matter how you move, Ktrna is there to accentuate every body line and hug every angle without gapping or bunching. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. As professional choreographers and former dancers, we know dance. We understand the needs of dancers to have stylish work clothes that fit without restricting movement or eliminating function. We also understand how hard it is to find great quality gear and demand the most from it without it falling apart in the wash or constantly having to tug on it to stay in place. 

To prove our point, Hannah makes levitation look easy in our SHIFT Top #13048 in Black and OMNI Pant #14017 in Pepper. Notice how the pieces form to her body without gapping, bunching or riding down. The clothing at once becomes an extension of her fluidity and movement. A literal second skin that holds you in, keeps you covered and never leaves you hanging. To sum it all up… it’s all about the fit.