Our Story

What is Ktrna?
Ktrna is a collaboration of movement, fashion, design, artistry and passion. It is a lifestyle choice, a unique identity for the active-minded, confident athlete. We are a dance-inspired activewear brand founded on the ideals of beauty, art, creativity and an enduring love for music & motion.

"We are dedicated to quality, fit, style & service."

Who is Ktrna?
We are dancers and action junkies, artists and dreamers, lovers of life and best friends, partners & family. We produce our clothing for like-minded individuals of all active lifestyles.

Founded in 1996, Ktrna is a fashion forward dance brand that produces long-lasting, durable dancewear that is both fashionable and practical.  All of our products are made in the USA using only top-quality fabrics that are rigorously tested every day by dancers, teams and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Born in the fast-paced world of the competitive dance industry, Ktrna is focused on creating classic lines with superior fabrics for dancers, gymnasts, yogis, fitness enthusiasts and athletes worldwide. The number one choice of professional dancers and choreographers for over 20 years. Ktrna has evolved and doesn’t just produce “dancewear”, we meticulously craft clothing to outfit you for any active endeavor.

"Ktrna is the perfect wardrobe for your soundtrack to life."

The History.

Born out of necessity in 1996 by professional dancer, educator and world renowned choreographer, Tina Caspary, who was frustrated with the lack of selection for quality, durable work clothes that could withstand the abuse dancers place on them and hold up without falling apart in the first wash. With humble beginnings as a way to give Tina and her fellow dancers a better alternative to the cheap, basic dancewear of the time, Ktrna, then known as Katrinawear, found a loyal following among hard working, up and coming dancers on the dance convention circuits of the day. Tina’s rise in popularity as a successful teacher and choreographer coincided with the expansion of the brand.

Fast forward over 20 years and Ktrna is still producing top quality, durable goods for dancers and athletes with great attention to detail. Well known for our obsession with finding the perfect fit, quality craftsmanship, high performance fabrics and minimal, classic lines, we source our goods and keep our supply chain close.

"All of our goods are produced right here in the USA."

We manufacture our shorts and pants to stay put without bagging, bunching or sagging so you can spend more time moving and less time pulling, tugging and adjusting. Our tops, tees and leotards are designed to allow full freedom of movement. We pioneered dance bag staples like the booty short, the v-front jazz pant and many more. Over the years we have refined the process and used technological enhancements in fabrics and design to improve our products, the way they perform, the way they fit and their second skin like feel.

"Ktrna. Bringing style to the art of dance... Since '96"